Nextcloud Talks Android client will have direct photo/file sharing abilities in v11

if you run Nextcloud Talk, it’s about to get more attractive: the Android client had a critical feature missing, direct file/photo share. The main developer left mid’20. Now the code has traction again since the start of the year with a new developer, thanks to Nextcloud. The feature is merged (and closed and will arrive with the next release (v11) and a roadmap ( was posted by the new Dev.

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the direct share feature is available in the stable Talk App since Feb 23 in 11.0.0

To not only preview but open/zoom shared images as most users are accustomed to from other messengers is being tracked at … a proposal was posted. I’m obviously a fan :slight_smile:

It’s neither end-to-end nor encrypted at the database level. Not recommended for communities, but for friends and family its a good fit.

stable and alpha releases are both at

and alphas at