Nexus 5 / newer Android?


just wondered if the Nexus 5 builds could be updated from 14.1 to 16.0.

Right now /e/ is the only rom still supporting the Nexus 5, but only on 14.1, not on new versions of Android.

Would be great to save a lot of Nexus 5’s from the bin. :slight_smile:


You could use MaruOS as its built on Android Oreo (8.1.0) and you get a Debian Linux desktop environment as a bonus :slight_smile:

Lineage has stopped supporting Nexus 5 and /e/OS is forked from Lineage so that probably explains that.

That’s sad to read as there is already android 10 beta available for the Nexus 5.

How does it come that bullhead (5x) is still supported but not 5? I don’t get it.

I didn’t mean /e/ but Lineage is still supporting Nexus 5x but it isn’t hammerhead anymore.

Nexus 5 hammerhead and Nexus 5X bullhead

I know that, and there is no Lineage ROM for hammerhead, only for the 5x.

Hi There is an android 10