Nexus 5X as a daily driver

Hello everybody,

I’ve been using a Nexus 5X with e-0.20-o-20211210151039-dev-bullhead for quite some time now and I do not recommend it as a daily driver. It is unable to sync with /e/ servers and keep notifying about it (so I disabled the sync), sometimes internet breaks and I need to reboot the phone to have access to it again and it makes some kind of notification sounds in an untimely manner whenever it is unlocked and it doesn’t matter if I have the finger on the screen or not, it even keeps the phone up sometimes and have to manually turn the screen off in order to calm this odd sound down. I also have an error popping up each time I launch the camera app but it still works anyway.

I love /e/OS so I keep using it for now and I really want it to be updated but yeah, I do not recommend this model or build for now.

I guess it has been updated or supported for a long time. Time for a new phone, I guess.