Nexus 5x Auction starting from € 9,99 with /e/ OS 0.9-o-2020051454222-dev-bullhead

Hi everyone
I am selling on eBay a Nexus 5x in excellent conditions, screen is immaculate and very minor signs on the chassis (see photos) on link.

I am using a twin phone since 5 months now and it works like a charm.
Having a Google phone… unGoogled it’s a nerd thing : )

Regain your privacy! Adopt /e/ the unGoogled mobile OS and online servicesphone

Hej @Dr.Detergent, I’m afraid, as soon as ebay notices that they violate Principle for the use of foreign pictures or descriptions in eBay offers “Images and text policy” and Use of links on the eBay article pages “Links policy” your offer will be deleted.

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:man_facepalming::flushed: :anguished:
I am a :chicken: seller, will contact tomorrow eBay support for correction.

Thank you @archje for heads up, I owe you a :beer:

Hej @Dr.Detergent, what did the ebay support say about your /e/ links & /e/ pictures?

Is your ad for sale really conform to ebay guidelines? If so, I would consider using /e/foundation resources as well!

Hi @archje

mistake was immediately explained to eBay tech support and thanks to your prompt warning (thank you again : )

Not a real answer since May 31st, just explanations on how to cancel the auctions and suggestions on how to contact bidders in case of incorrect info related to the product.

As it is not possible to change the object description (the part that is violating links text and images eBay norms and conditions) I added a new section after it as footer (explaining my unintentional violation) for viewers and for eBay.

From another perspective I believe that this can be a win-win for both /e/ Foundation and repairers like me and you.
@gael what if /e/ Foundation will release a sort of third-party-reseller communication and conditions kit for this purpose?

This will help to spread a correct communication and advertisement inline with /e/ Foundation directions, with a clear distinction in service and conditions between a phone refurbished by third parties and directly from /e/ Foundation.

Legal staff of /e/ Foundation may review eBay terms and provide a safe copy’n’paste for us.

Will keep you updated as soon as I have news.

Hej @Dr.Detergent,

I like your constructive thoughts and suggestions. But I assume that the /e/ foundation will not deal with them.

I don’t want my hints to be understood as know-it-all! They are based on my own ebay experience. I have already had auctions deleted because of links to other websites. Since then, I take special care that I do not make these mistakes again.

According to my legal opinion the ebay conditions are clear and unambiguous:

Verwendung von Links auf den eBay-Artikelseiten

Abgesehen von einigen Ausnahmen dürfen Angebote oder Artikelbeschreibungen keine Links enthalten, die Kunden zu anderen Websites leiten.

DeepL Translator helps …

Use of links on the eBay article pages

Apart from a few exceptions, offers or item descriptions may not contain links that lead customers to other websites.

With us there is a saying: “Where no plaintiff there no judge”. Anyway - I wish you a successful outcome of the auction.


Hi @archje

auction ended well, no answer from eBay support.

Next time I’ll avoid any risk and will be compliant to eBay norms.

Thanks for your feedback and help.

Hello @Dr.Detergent, it’s great that everything went well.

Links in ebay offers, which lead customers away from the ebay website, are sometimes criticized in the ebay form during the offer creation and the auction is prevented.

With us, the buyer would also criticize the shipping costs of 14,00 Euro “Standard (Lettre Suivie)” within Germany, because shipping as insured package with up to 50,00 liability for loss or damage and with online tracking is possible from 4,30 Euro.

The ebay markets France and Germany and therefore the mentality of the people are different. Other countries, other customs. Regards.

phone sold sold, also this thread to close for @Manoj