Nice review on FP+ & /e/ from

Nicely written and detailed review on FP+ with /e/OS on the German language webblog

The author came up with an interesting suggestion concerning the app grading that apps received in AppsStore. He said the current ‘security grading’ as only limited informative value and he was suggesting to split up the grading into a “tracker grading” and a “permission grading” as this would would be more comprehensive. Personally, I like the idea

Interesting to read where two issues the author was facing:

  • problems with Maps/Magic Earth connecting to the server and downloading maps.
  • problems with AppsStore and independently installed APKs. Apparently AppsStore destroyed them when attempting to update.
    In both cases it could be interesting to inquire what exactly happened.

Anyway, this is a nice review worth reading. In case you do not speak German, try to get a translation.

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Yeah I’ve experienced the same. Apps installed via another store than Apps can only be updated through that other store else weird things starting to happen with those apps.

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