NL-Alert setting - where?

Today I received a control message of NL-Alert.
I looked around in my phone, but I can’t find the setting for NL-Alert.
In the FP2 this setting can be found in Messages app.
There I could also read message that was send.

Can somebody help me where to find the setting?

Hello, the send message is hidden… settings->Apps & notifications->Emergency alerts->Emergency alert history. There may be other ways, I don’t know.

Not sure what you mean here.


With the setting I meant where to set NL-Alert on and off, to look to the history of messages.

Thanks, I have found it exactly where you said it would be.

Haha ik d8 even aan dit topic, maar ik kreeg zojuist wel mijn NL-Alert binnen hoor op mijn GS290.

Thanks, @andrelam , for showing where the setting for the emergency messages are.

Today everyone around me received an NL-alert due to the storm. (NL alert is indeed an emergency message.)
However, my phone stayed silent. I checked the settings, and all alerts are on.
It is also not listed at the emergency alert history.

I wonder if other Dutchies have the same issue after the recent OTA on Samsung S9.

Not everyone… Also some iPhone users did not receive it. I was with 4 people only one got it, and it wasnt me ;). Not sure why…

I have a Galaxy S9 and it also stayed silent. Same settings. Also checked the APN settings. Made a small change (KPN 4G LTE: APN changed name to internet), but not sure this is the cause. Waiting for next alert.