No calendar sync


Could anyone help me with a calendar problem please ?

I can see and work on the calendars online on the murena website, but I cannot sync on my phone or on my computer.
The phone asks me to create an account, and then opens the accounts app and tells me that only one murena account is possible (the account is already created).
On my account app, the calendars appear, are selected, but it seems not to communicate with the calendar app.

I use a Samsung s7 edge SM-G935F
OS 1.7

By the way :

  • I don’t any sync problems with the tasks of any calendar
  • I cannot create an offline calendar
  • I have the same problem on my computer (thunderbird on ubuntu 22.04)

Any idea?
Thank you for your help,

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do you sync against or ?

I changed for , as some apps did not sync anymore with, but that does not solve the problem .

did you enable 2fa?

Thank you @tcecyk , no I did not enable 2fa…

  • I have the same problem on my computer (thunderbird on ubuntu 22.04)

can you share the configured calendar endpoint in Thunderbird that isn’t working?

Ok, now it works with thunderbird (!) I did not change anything !
But still on my phone, it seems that I need to add an account.
Does it have something to do with google ? Because it asks me to add a google account specfically and I disabled microG.

I updated davX, it does not work better.
I activated “garder au premier plan”.

And also, I have other calendars on other servers, the app does not detect any.

I tried with the Etar app, it does not work also.

I tried simple calendar pro and it says that no syncable calendar is found on the phone.


I use the built-in accountmanager (davx fork) and face no difficulties, I suppose your issue must be configuration based, either endpoint or credentials.

If you have the luxury to look at adb logcat while interacting you can maybe spot the issue