No 'Connect to open networks' in Wi-Fi preferences

Dear all,
recently I was in a shop and by accident I saw that my //e phone 1.0 had connected to the open wi-fi of the shop. That is not what I want. I want to turn this feature off.
When I search for ‘open’ in the setting, one of the results reads ‘Connect to open networks, automatically connect to high-quality public…’ Wi-Fi preferences. When I choose that option the Wi-Fi Preference page opens, but there is no entry ‘Connect to open networks’.
The Wi-Fi preference page has these options: Turn on Wi-Fi autom / Open Network notification / Install certificates / Network rating provider / Wi-Fi Direct.
Any help would be greatly appreciated,

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it should only connect if the network was once connected to successfully. Delete the network from known-networks and it will not happen again - and with the silenced notification on open networks it won’t happen by accident either.

thank you, @tcecyk , that’s what I thought too. but it did happen, and it was not a known network