No GPS for my FP4

I just bought a FP4 to replace my FP2. I installed /e/ on it and everything seems to be fine.
My only problem is the GPS doesn’t work. When I try GPS test, it says no fix every time, and I’m located In Philippine.

Thanks for ideas.

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Hi @bensz welcome to the /e/ forum.

This sounds like “Fake my location” a part of Advanced Privacy

If you read carefully you can switch it all off – be prepared to reboot the phone if necessary.

Even with that aside, location can be a bit “lazy” in a degoogled phone – revealed in this search Search results for 'location order:latest' - /e/ community – I suggest that you be prepared to get out and about actually using the device before it all comes right!

It shouldn’t be, works totally fine and speedy on my Fairphone 3.
GPS only mode should work the same, AGPS data gets downloaded, too, an alternative location service using network cells and Wi-Fi is there, too.

Where does the search reveal this?

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My /e/ devices too.

Thank you @AnotherElk for pointing out my error.

Correction location can be a bit “lazy” in a degoogled phone at first time starting.

I can regularly reproduce this when I delete data and start with zero “background information”.

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Hi thanks a lot,
You found the problem, I wanted a random position, so I had it. It’s only hard to use a gps in this condition. :smile:

Thanks again.

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I had the same issue when I first started using eOS on my new FP4.

It is quite amazing that it spoofs your GPS so well for the apps. Turning off the Advanced Privacy GPS spoofer is the key, and sometimes you may have to reboot the phone for the app to fully see the change. Luckily eOS reboots sooooo quickly! :slight_smile: