No Internet after update (GS290)

Dear /e/ Community,

i recently updated my GS290 with /e/OS 17 to version 18-20210827132306 and now i cannot connect to the internet. I tried to restart and reset the network configurations but nothing changed and i don’t know what i can do.

Thanks in advance.


Try to get APN information from your network provider, and compare against your device settings or create a new one.
You may try to disable IPv6 in APN settings.

Could you clarify which kind of connection is not working from the upgrade?
Mobile data connection, wifi connection, or both?

@WilRo i can’t get a connection from both wifi and mobile data

In “System” you have the possibility to reinitialise the Network (wi-fi, mobile data and Bluetooth)…
Or you can try to reinitialise the system (3rd choice).

You can try starting by the first of the two options… Maybe it will help

After a network reset and adding a WiFi network, could you please :

  • dial *#*#4636#*#*
  • in the “Testing” menu, push “Wi-Fi information”, “Wi-Fi status”, “Refresh stats” and “Run Ping Test”
  • post back what you see here (hiding sensitive information like SSID) ?

Then disable the WiFi and :

  • redial *#*#4636#*#*
  • push “Phone information”, “Run Ping Test”
  • post back the first part (up to “DL/UL Bandwith”) hiding your IMEI, and the Ping test result

Thanks for your help. I fixed the problem by reactivating “Network Stack”. I deactivated it for some reason and that caused the problem.
Sorry for the unnecessary post.