No mail adresses directory in /e/mail application!

Surprizingly there is no folder nor directory in the /e/ mail application for Android smartphones.
The only addresses that auto-complete are those in sent ou incoming mails.
Is there a way to import my hundreths of mail adresses available in .vcf format ?
Note : I’m a cloud reluctant (preferred LAN usb or BT media)
Thanks for any advice.

I don’t understand ? When you are using the Mail app.on your phone and typing a name in the ‘to:’ field, the app ‘looks’ and shows you the adress from yoggur adress book.
So what do you need more ?

My question is how to import my previous address book.

Currently the book is almost empty.


More explanations :

When I start typing in the To field, it happens that some email addresses are suggested.

Usually no suggestions.

For instance typing “har” doesn’t link to your address.


Sorry, I think I can’t help :cry:
When I type ‘har’ in the to field, all contacts wirh ‘har’ are shown

And sure, you can import your whole adressbook as vcf file in your contacts in phone and sync with edrive.


I think I pointed the reason.

When I chose “Select from Contacts”, with a void “to” field, I got only 6 suggestions.

Looks like my Contact list is drastically shorted.

Any idea for updating it ?


Have you had a look direct in your contacts ? Are there also only 6 suggestions ?

If yes, where have you imported your vcf file, into edrive contacts or in your phone contacts ?

I would export all existing contacts.
Than deleting all contacts
Than import your ‘old’ vcf in contacts
All done on phone not in edrive, because edrive have issues

I just realized that Phone numbers and Mail adresses are merged into the so-called “Contacts”.

In my previous devices they were separated : phone numbers in Winphone, mail addresses in Thunderbird.

Now I need to brainstorm a workaround to join them without killing each-other.

That’S why I have talked about ‘contacts’. If you have both in your adress book (contacts app) you can merge them. But only manually :frowning:

Hello again

I created some 900 mail addresses in vcf format and copied them in the phone memory.

Now I can import them into the phone one by one, but not in batch.

Is there a way to batch the process ?


sure, in contacts app go the settings / import. there you can import all in one stepp :slight_smile:

(I never have used the default contacts app :frowning: If it only import one by one, use simple contacts from f-droid. It’s much better and you can import all your 900 contacts in one step)

Can’t find that alternative Contacts application

23/09/2019 à 11:50, harvey186 via /e/ community a écrit :

Hello Harvey
Good News : solved

In fact, using the default Contacts app :

  • select any vcf file to import (“1 element selected” is displayed)
  • go the settings (3 dots at top right)
  • click “select all”
    Don’t worry about the black screen, it takes some minutes to import them
    (the download arrow flashing at top left)

Sorry for the inconvenience

Best regards

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Hi YFi, thx for update and happy that it’s working now. Have fun with e :slight_smile: