No SIM after flashing One +7 pro

I flashed e over TWRP on a new One +7 Pro (0.11-2020090772203). Now the SIM card is not recognized. WiFi, however, works. I plug the SIM into another phone it works. What now? Back to an old Stock Rom and than return to e?

Thank you in advance

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Same problem here! The phone is aware of the SIM cards but is not able to use them.
It is already reported as an issue (#618) for this device.
The report is one year old and sadly there seems to be no progress on that topic :frowning:
I bourght this phone last week but unfortunatelly overlooked the fact that it is not useable with /e/OS.
It should be clearly labeled as ‘not working’ in the device list…

Or are there people out there who are happy with there OnePlus 7 PRO?

Happy New Year!

No, I have exactly the same issue: bought the 7 Pro to use /e/ OS, but realized that it is poorly supported. Might have to switch to Lineage OS now…

After re-installing stock rom first and then flashing /e/OS with the latest TWRP (3.5.0) it’s working for me. Both SIMs are recognized and I’m able to make calls.
But the system settings for dual SIM are awfull, I’m disappointed here…