No sim card detected + unexpected restarts (Samsung Galaxy SIII)

Hello everybody,
I installed the /e/ ROM yesterday on a samsung galaxy SIII gt-i9305 and have two major problems: the phone restarts regularly and inexpectedly, and does not detect the simcard.
Do you have any idea how to fix that?

Hi @saxopro is your issue similar to this one reported on gitlab .

Apparently, the restart problem has nothing to do with wifi connection, because the phone is currently connected and functions normally…
My main problem is the sim card one though

@Manoj, would you have any clues ?

Is the sim working if you try it on another phone? Have you had this issue with Stock ROM or other custom ROM’s like lineageOs4MicroG
We might need a log with a bug report to understand what is happening.
@rhunault any idea what might be the issue here. This is on a samsung galaxy SIII.

Yes, the sim works on other phones. It’s my first time using /e/ or another ROM than Android.
Just tell me if you need a log with bug report :wink:

Yes , a log with a bug report would help to check what is happening.

I just created an issue and attached the log. I hope I will help :wink:

Hi @saxopro we have a set of install instructions for the Samsung Galaxy SIII here could you check if the steps given can resolve this issue. I understand the sim is still not detected.
SIM not getting detected error usually comes if some key files are missing during the build . It would be helpful if you let us know if you have faced this issue with Lineage Os or LineageOS4MicroG ROM’s for your device.