No sound in Xiaomi MI A1 (again)

Hi everybody!

I had this problem issue when I installed /e/ some months ago and I followed the process described here:

and modified the lane “” to "“”

To do that I followed the following instructions:

That worked and I could speak and call without problems. Several weeks later I had the same problem: I can’t speak or hear the other person with a normal phone call but I can hear (only hear, not talk) the other person in Telegram calls.

I have checked the famous lane again but remains as “false”. So, what I am doing wrong?

It would be great if you can give some hint to solve this issue! Thank you!

Hey, are you on the Oreo build? I had this same problem and I think it was caused by calling with bluetooth connected earplugs. In my case, if I would answer the phone or try to call someone with my bluetooth earplugs paired, I would not hear the other person and the other person would not hear me. But disconnecting the bluetooth device and rebooting always fixed this.

In the Pie build, this is fixed and I can call with bluetooth earplugs.

Let me know if this is the same for you.

Thank you for your answer! Exactly what you said about bluetooth call happened to me but your solution didnt work.
Yes, I am on the Oreo build so I think that unfortunately is the moment of struggling with Pie and try to install it in my smartphone…
Thank very much anyway!