No voice/SMS after 0.9-2020062560240 update on OnePlus 6T/USA-Verizon

Six weeks ago, I switched my OnePlus 6T (running /e/ for the last 6 months) from T-mobile-USA to Verizon. After some initial troubleshooting with Verizon tech support (a web search on “Verizon OnePlus 6T” will explain the various issues…) I was able to get everything to work successfully.

Things were good until a few days ago I updated to 0.9-20200625. This seems to have broken voice calling and SMS. I still have data and MMS. Verizon will not help at this point (they say I need to factory-reset the phone…) I tried a cheap prepaid Verizon-compatible SIM in my 2nd SIM card slot but that has the same problem. So the problem is not with the SIM, or something specific to my Verizon account. The timing of the problem points to the /e/ update.

I don’t really know how to start troubleshooting this. I am wondering if maybe reverting to the last /e/ version is the best interim fix, but also not sure how to go about that. I can follow instructions well enough to install /e/ but I’m nervous about going backwards. Can anyone help, and have other OnePlus 6T/Verizon users encountered the same problem?

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Indeed to have more information about where the issue is you could install the last working version (just flash the zip file in TWRP, without any wipe), but some issues might come so backup in case it’s needed.

You can also wait for answers before trying.

I’m curious about what was the solution the first time ?
And is it the first time you update your phone for when you made calls work again ? Or have you ever updated it without any issue ?

I will wait and see whether others are experiencing the same thing before trying to flash the last working version – as you say, issues may arise!

To get the OnePlus6T to work before, Verizon had to enter in their system that the phone is LTE-only (no CDMA bands) and then I had to set the cellular radio to LTE only in the hidden “Phone settings” menu accessed by dialing ##4636##, and then cycle the cellular radio off, wait 5 min, then back on (also in that hidden menu). And then reboot. There may have been other steps taken on the Verizon end that I am not documenting here. I didn’t take very good notes, because I didn’t think I’d have to do it again… (regretting that now)

This most recent /e/ update (when calls stopped working) was the first one I did since getting the phone working on Verizon. I had been regularly updating OTA without issues on T-Mobile before I switched. I wish I could go back to T-Mobile but I moved and the coverage is too limited at my new home.

My theory (without very good knowledge on the subject) is that the system update reset the modification you made (if you downgrade and it still doesn’t work, it will confirm it).

Another way to confirm it is to made the modification again in order to see if it can finally work on the last version of /e/ (but you need to know what you did).

Going through the same steps as the first time does not restore voice calling/SMS. I am next going to cancel the Verizon-compatible prepaid SIM and try one that instead works on the AT&T network. If that is successful, then I will have to choose whether to downgrade (risky) or stick with less-optimal coverage. Or maybe there is a solution for the current /e/ version? (or, perhaps a future one?)

It doesn’t sound like a /e/ issue.

Check the APN. And yes backup and try to downgrade, see if calls work immediately or try to re-apply the “patch”, and if it doesn’t work, the issue doesn’t come from /e/ at 99%.
Then the last thing to do would be to factory reset to the latest version of /e/ (to be sure everything is clean) and call your carrier again.

I can’t help more sadly, I hope you will have a bit of luck.

Good news on this – I just did an OTA update to version 0.9-2020072865179 and now my calls and SMS messages are working again. No other changes were needed. It is still a mystery to me why calls/SMS didn’t work while I was running the previous version, but I am happy they are back to normal. Maybe something went wrong with the installation itself during the prior update, which was corrected with the current one?


Hello @mle41
wanted to check if everything was working fine with your OnePlus 6T and your Verizon line? We get a lot of incoming requests to confirm carrier compatibility.
Thanks in advance.

Honestly, I have not updated /e/ since this issue was resolved in the summer. If my phone were to break again, it would be a bad time of year, work-wise, for me to find time to fix it. I am not really an expert so I am an inefficient troubleshooter. So, I am waiting until I have more free time to do further updates — just in case!