Noob question: Do I need to pass by all this just to get /e/?

Guys, do I need to follow all of this or could I just download the zip file and flash it through twrp?
My bootloader is already unlocked.

Also, after installing /e/ will it automatically encrypt everything or not?

I have a Galaxy A5 2016 phone.

yes, of course, thats my way.

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That’s good to know, I thought I would need to pass by all of this since there is no mention about twrp wiithout heimdall/adb… I think they could have added it for people who are actually using it right now.

So, no need to use adb/heimdall stuff necessarily…

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yes, that’s bad and I often told that the really easy TWRP flashing way should be in the documentation.

Regarding encryption: NO, no automatic encryption. If you want encrypt you phone you ave to do it for your own

The best way is to show all methods possible and the easy ones in the first, this way, people won’t find so difficult to install.

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