Not working apps in Apps Store - pls remove from store

Here we should report apps from Apps Store which won’t work in e and should be removed.
Here the first one —
Snapchat. Login isn’t working. Have trued every known workaround.


yuka (health product app), impossible to login

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Version 3.29.1 (
Poor privacy rating with a load of trackers, all that aside, it doesn’t even launch. It just displays a message saying please install from Play Store. Reached out to the company and their only answer was I need Goolag play services to use it. So may as well remove it from /e/ appStore

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Interesting idea for a topic.
The App Installer is picking up app names as suggested by users. The actual test is by users who try them out. If there is no way for them to work or they are not fit to be on the /e/ App Installer, then the apps might as well be taken out.


VHS Camcorder Lite (VHS Cam) :vhs::video_camera: Original VHS App
Version 1.3.8
Licensing issue within the application at start.
(also, “a friend of mine” already tested it, and with a cracked version of the original app, and he got similar issue on a regular android build.)

Curio - can’t recover password; can’t login.

An issue has been created in Gitlab to track this.
The issue details has also been shared with the development team who should be coming around with a solution for this.

BRD Bitcoin Wallet. Bitcoin Cash, Ethereum, crypto.
Version 3.11.1
Security signature issue when doing anytype of transactions withing the app. (Might be related to the banking apps workaround which need root, Will test soon) Nope, Still ain’t working. If I translate the screenshot more literally, he says that this version od Android cause it to fail, maybe because it’s /e/ ? Their provided link redirect to a 404 page.

@harvey186 Did you try magisk to pass safetynet check?