Note 10 (S970 models)


What is a Samsung “970F”? Mine is a 970V and I am wondering if the sub model digit is relevent in whether or not /e/ will work on the device?? (yes, the V is because I bought it from Verizon).

Thanks for any help!


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Looks like you are probably referring to this, the SM-N970F, Info about Samsung Galaxy Note10 - d1

At the foot of the page it reads

Models Supported
Other models are not supported

The chances are that the bootloader is “Carrier locked” you could try to check that out.

Yes, I am. I think there are (at least?) 3 letters that can follow the 970 (and I dont know if there is just a “970”), so I am wondering if the letter is a significant part of the model number or if its just a designation of what network or provider the phone was preconfigured for, and if that is substantiative as to whether or not the /e/ build will run on them. I am in no way a Samsung expert, in fact, at this point, I simply hate them for how horrible the 10 is compared to the 4, and for selling a printer whose driver shuts down if it can’t access the internet to provide telemetry to Samsung (M2070W) – never trust a 99 $ walmart printer!