Notes app : problem with hyperlink color when using markdown

Hi there, I don’t know if it’s the right place to talk about that, if not, please excuse me.

There is a little problem when you want to write an hyperlink in markdown with the stock Notes app, in preview mode the hyperlink text is white with light theme and black with dark theme.
That makes it almost unreadable.

This known problem can be solved through option that regular user doesn’t seem to have access. Here the link to the issue:

Could the /e/ team or the administrator set it up right please? It would be really appreciated.

Thank you, good regards.

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Pl can you raise this in the gitlab with all details. That would be the best way to get the info to the developers who can then have it implemented.

Thank for your reactivity, I’ve posted the issue there, I had already a look there before to ask here but I couldn’t find the right place where to post the issue. I would also thank you all of your team for the great job you’re making here and the opportunity you give to users to get a little bit more privacy and take back the control of their data… I’m using /e/Os for almost more than one year now, I’m satisfied at the moment and should keep it for a while… Thanks