Notification/battery led stopped working on Samsung Galaxy 8

Hi there,

I recently bought a premium refurbished Galaxy 8 running /e/ version 0.11 stable and the battery charging led stopped working three days ago. When I noticed this for the first time when charging I rebooted the phone and the charging led turned on again but now I can not get it to work again. Also for the sake of troubleshooting when starting to charge the phone in locked state there used to appear a visualization on the lock screen like the bars you see on the lock screen when playing music which is also gone, though a faint sound can be heard then.
The battery charging led is enabled in settings under ‘Notifications’ as is ‘Notification light’ (Choosing colors automatically) which I don’t recall to have seen yet for other purposes than charging the battery.

Are there other other parts in settings controlling the led behavior which I might have overlooked, could it be a spontaneous software glitch or should I worry about the hardware? How can I troubleshoot this?

Any help would be greatly appreciated.

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I can confirm this behavior. However, after reboot it is working for me.

Thanks for your reply tyxo, good to know others can confirm this behavior. Reading your reply I thought I might give it a try to shot down my phone and see what’s happening after a cold boot and that actually did the trick for now, the battery led is working again. I wouldn’t say it’s solved yet but it’s a workaround if it’s working next time :wink:

that’s true. It is not solving the problem.