Notification sound delayed

I had this already several times in the last year, then it was gone for a while. Yesterday I updated to 1.1 and there it is again: some notification sounds are delayed until I wake up the screen. The LED is much faster and blinks already for an hour but the sound comes delayed when nobody needs it and - that is really annoying - is completely useless this way.

What’s the problem with these notifications? I read several threads about this. If somewhere in the code the decision is made to let the LED blink for an incoming mail or whatever why can’t the same routine also cause a reliable sound? Should that really depend on any setting? For what?

… anything in software? Most often complexity, I guess.
Nowadays I would be careful with wanting to know what essential functions really depend on to work. Answers might be unsettling for the general public :wink: .

At a glance I didn’t see a matching issue at Issues · e / Backlog · GitLab … perhaps raise a new issue.

I would do that without hesitating if other people have this too. It’s always the question: is it me (my device, my settings, my behavior and habit) or is it really a bug or just something nobody was interested in until now.