Notifications in general

I’ve noticed that many, many notifications that apps use to send, don’t pop up in my e/OS environment. I mean, Email, WhatsApp, Signal and Telegram do. But many other apps, like eBay, eBay Kleinanzeigen, Marktplaats, banking apps, ust to name a few, don’t show notifications at all. Is this something I can set up using microG? I just don’t have a clue. But I’d rather have them appearing.

did you mute all notifications? Mail should be separate from the Play Services notification mechanism (firebase / cloud messaging). Its in Settings → System → microG → Cloud Messaging + Google device registration.

Ah, I forgot to tell, I have Google device registration switched off. Since I gave up my Google account I thought that would be useless. So like said, messenger apps and email DO get notifications, most other apps don’t.

How do other users experience this (please share)? I mean I could actually live with the fact that I regularly need to check apps if any message within was sent (for example eBay) but I’d rather have notifications running. I mean, if WhatsApp (2x), Signal, Telegram and TypeApp (email) can do the job, why not other apps?

I am quite sure you don’t need a Google account to use GCM push messages.
Turn on Google Device Registration and Cloud Messaging.
However, I do believe they need to be enabled before runnimg apps that need them. After the fact the apps may not use it.

May require uninstalling / reinstalling apps or maybe clearing data (pretty much the same thing). At least that’s what I understand from previous discussions. I usually don’t use that push service.

Clearing cache is not enough. You can clear the storage, by which you lose all data in the app or reinstall. In the end it is the same, you lose all app data…

Yes. Clearing data is what I wrote and that it is akin to uninstalling / reinstalling.

Yeah you did, now the second time it is obvious :sweat_smile: