One Plus One System update fails

I was prompted to download OTA 0.7020011337416 but the install failed with an error and a sick looking Android. No error message.

Any tricks to update?


Is your system still working ?

Yes, thankfully it recovered/rolled back after reboot. I tried it twice and it has the same issue…

Ok, good that your system is working. So better stay on this version.

But it would be helpful to know which error you have hat. Has TWRP finish successful ?

Thanks! I did it via the OTA on the phone (just followed the prompts to install). No error message. Do i need to do it via TWRP?

No but the OTA starts twrp, so I thought you have seen and error message while twrp has flashed the OTA.

So let’s wait if other OPO users will run into the same issue. But wait, I think I have re :thinking:ad something in telegram group

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Same issue for me with the new OTA: 0.7-2020011537651. it just errors with the sick android (no error message). Phone still works after rebooting.


Cyanogen recovery replaces TWRP I noticed on /e/ also. I’m guessing that’s why the update fails. I’ve scrolled through developer options, but can’t find the setting to stop this happening. Any ideas?


If anyone has the same issue, i could run the update by using fastboot to launch TWRP and then side loading the update. the OTAs keep failing on the phone itself.

Seems like there’s no option in developer mode anymore to stop the One Plus One from rebooting into Cyanogen recovery.

For what it is worth, I did a quick test on my OnePlus One after seeing this thread.

I did a clean fresh install of 0.7-n-2020011337416 using TWRP and then did an OTA to e-0.7-n-2020011537651.

Then I did an OTA to e-0.7-n-2020011737872.
It all proceeded smoothly with no apparent errors.

(I use the OPO for my daily driver, but abandoned the official /e/ builds due to consistent crashes when using bluetooth during phone calls. Same problem with LOS 15.)

I am willing to do other tests if it would help.

Thanks @Brado good to know! Does yours boot into Cyanogen recovery by default, or TWRP? Let me know if you want me to test out Bluetooth (I think i only have a speaker though…)

When I boot into recovery it is TWRP. There doesn’t appear to be any other recovery option on the phone.

Thanks for offering to test Bluetooth, but the problem only appears when making phone calls, so a speaker will probably work fine for you - no need to test that.