Oneplus 5t random crashes since update to 0.17 , issue raised on gitlab , but what should I do?

Hi /e/ community,

I have a oneplus 5t with an issue of random crashes since updating to 0.17 release. I haven’t been on /e/ very long only a few weeks, and previously I had 0.16 installed with the only bug being that my Home Assistant app wouldn’t stay connected to my server . This issue is resolved with upgrading to 0.17 , However since the update the phone will crash at random times , when pulling the log it shows that the crash follows the connectivity service and the dns manager requesting a new IP or something similar and then the phone crashes , even whilst connected to wifi.

Ive tried resetting the wifi and mobile settings in the systems tab in settings however this appears not to fix the issue.

I’ve raised an issue on gitlab and I’m sure the team will have a fix soon , but is there something I can do my end ?

would a topical solution be to reflash of 0.17 via adb ( instead of the OTA update I did ) be a solution ?

or would it be best to return to 0.16 and wait for a pending fix ?

If I did reflash either version how do I save my settings and apllication data with TWRP do I simply only backup the data section and leave unchecked the system (image) from backup ? plus also copy my documents / pictures .etc manually via usb transfer.

thank you in advance for any direction / advice

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If you have TWRP installled on the device, you shoud simply

  • find in your device, under /data/lineageos_updates, if you have received it when you were running e-0.15 and if you didn’t have delete it after installing.
  • download the to your device internal or external memory, if needed.
  • reboot into TWRP.
    ( easy with the “option-developer” “advanced-restart-menu” enabled )
  • install e-0.16.

Will this keep my settings and app settings ?
I assume that the image is separate from data ?

Hence why you need to tick both for backup.

Thank you for the reply

No wipe, -> no data loose.
Same OS same android level -> format data not needed


Thank you so much for the clarification and the advice , much appreciated.

Booting into TWRP mode, is the opportunity for a backup

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I’ve since gone back to 0.16-q and the issues seem to persist , the phone appears to try and update the network status , or try and connect to the next nearest mobile network mast and this some how causes the crash , I’ve updated the issue on gitlab , however it might unfortunately mean I have to reinstall stock , if the issue worsens .

thanks again for your help

It might be worth posting the ‘adb logcat’ output file somewhere ( where others can have a look to see if there are more clues as to what is causing the crash

I posted the logcat on gitlab with the issue if it helps

Here is the Link

Sadly I think I will have to return to stock ROM , /e/ is amazing and I love so much about it , however it appears to be getting worse , driving into work and listening to podcasts with the phone connected to car audio , the phone crashed six times in the end. The podcasts were downloaded so no data was being used.

Also lately the phone occasionally freezes the phone goes blank and has to be hard reset .

This crashes make the phone unusable. I can deal with out location /GPS working for certain apps and the occasional crash but six times in one journey is a bit much for something I rely on.

Maybe I’ll return in the future once it becomes more stable