OnePlus 7 Pro please?

Hi! I was wondering if the OnePlus 7 Pro could be added as a supported device, I am currently on a path to remove as much online spying from my life as possible, but I am not a fan of the available devices that are can be purchased with the OS preinstalled. I currently own an iPhone 11, and am wanting to get the OnePlus 7 Pro, but don’t want Oxygen OS because it has Google services installed.

Your device is already supported.

Install docs for OnePlus 7 Pro

List of supported devices

I see it uses the traditional method of flashing, does the OnePlus 7 Pro not work with the easy installer? I have no experience with manually installing roms

Sadly no, currently just Samsung Galaxy S7, S8, S9 (just non-US models!) and the FairPhone 3 are supported.

I manually installed my first ROM on my current /e/ device and it’s easy enough. I installed on a tablet after as well and it’s straight forward.

Indeed we, the community, will support you if you need assistance in flashing.