OnePlus guacamoleb Sensors not working?

Hello everyone,

I installed the 0.7-p-2019112632033-dev release on my OnePlus 7 (guacamoleb) and I noticed that the sensors were not working (light sensor, gyro, accelerometer, none seem to work).

Is it a known issue? Do you have a fix for that? Do you want logs (dmesg / logcat) to diagnose the issue?

Also, the camera quality looks very poor, but I’m bored to revert to stock to compare so it might just be by eyes trolling me

Thanks for the help!

from which android version are you coming ? From a different custom rom or from stock rom ? If you are coming from a different custom rom, I would prefer to flash first original firmware.

Regarding camera: Do you have enable ‘Camera2API’ under camera settings ??

Why does it matter? Is there any partition that’s not overwritten by /e/ when I flash it? I think the /e/ package contains system, boot and vendor

I’m not sure I’ll have to check, but I was trying on an app using Camera2 so I guess the API is enabled otherwise it wouldn’t have worked? I’ll double check when I can

Thanks :smiley:

It’s a big difference. For e you need some vendor blobs which are stored on your device. Some custom rons include them, some not. But if you know better, no problem.

You have to check that in open camera setup. It’s app specific.

Well this is why I asked if it was a common issue with /e/ on guacamoleb, I tried both the release on the website and a self-compiled version of the ROM and both have the same issue. I tried to flash the stock vendor partition but it didn’t boot, so I guess the problem doesn’t come from there?

Then yes I am using Camera2 :stuck_out_tongue:

That is only working on GSI phones. On ‘normal’ phones you have to flash the complete rom.

I would prefer installing stock firmware and than e. But ensure that stock firmware is the same version as e-os

Stock will never be the same version though because stock is Android Q and /e/ is Pie :sweat_smile:

Ok, butvthis can cause your issues. I don’t know about downgrading from q to pie, but downgrading from pie to oreo makes a lot of trouble.

If you are coming von q is your device a GSI device ? If yes, yiu should search xda for e GSI. There is one.

I have no idea if the OnePlus 7 is a GSI device, I would say yes because it’s fairly recent and it has treble, AB partitions, system-as-root and all the stuff.

See, here’s the thing - to me, there is no such thing as a downgrade. When I flash the ROM, either the stock one or /e/ or any other ROM, all partitions are replaced. I have no leftover of the stock ROM simply because it has been entirely overwritten (boot, system and vendor). I can go from any version to any version without troubles.

…so, I am genuilely asking if am I missing something here? Is there another partition that I’m not aware of and that I need to flash… ? One that’s not overwritten by custom ROMs ?

Sorry for my mistyping. I mean treble. If your device us a treble device you can flash every GSI image. GSI image is a system image for treble devices.
I know fron my device, that there are more partitions like ‘modem’.
So i really woukd use the GSI image from xda

Here you can read a little about the gsi image if you want

Okay so I think I understand what GSI is, it’s basically one system image that can be used on any Treble device since the drivers are now in the vendor partition. Am I correct?

While I like the idea, how does that help me to run /e/ with sensors enabled?

That’s correct. It help you if you going back to stock rom and flash the gsi image. Than your sensor will work … i hope :wink:

But… if /e/ overwrites GSI then what will it change if do Stock -> GSI -> /e/ ? Sorry I have trouble understanding, am I stupid? I really feel like I’m missing something

Sorry, I give up. I don’t know what I can do more for you. Good luck

Hehe no worries, thanks for helping

I will try to reach out to the devs to see if there is a way to fix the sensors, or at least know if it’s normal that they don’t work or if I’m an alien