OnePlus Nord 2 5G (model DN2103) Request

Hey all, I really enjoyed /e/os on my Fairphone 3+, but that phone has unfortunately been stolen. I was given a OnePlus Nord 2 5G to use, and it seems like a great contender for /e/os support. Its affordable, has good performance and a lot of other OnePlus phones, including the first OnePlus Nord phone have gotten /e/os releases. I hope to see an available build soon! Thanks a lot and props to the whole /e/foundation team, you guys are doing great work.


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Since e/OS is built on LineageOS… There is nothing to be expected soon. In XDA I have read that LOS is not to be expected before Q2/Q3 2023. And even then… Someone has to embrace it to transform it to e/OS.

I own a 2 5G as well (next to my e/OS OP7 pro) but I’ll probably sell it. Although it’s the better and lighter phone for me… It’s not de-googled. Actually I want the Nothing Phone 1, but same issue there. No LineageOS in the making up to now.