OnePlus Nord fastest Murena phone?

I have a FairPhone 3+ and it is very slow with /e/Os or Murena (5-7 seconds before Signal starts e.g.) I would like to keep using Murena, what is the fastest phone with Murena now? The flagship according to the shop is the Nord 5, is it faster with Murena than the fp3+?

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Can’t confirm with a Fairphone 3 on e-0.23-q-20220406175186-dev-FP3.

Has this always been the case for you, or at least since a few updates?
If so, I hope somebody can answer for the Nord, since I don’t have it.

If not, the 0.23 dev channel build before the current April one was reported to perform somewhat sluggish, so if you are on the dev channel, make sure to use the April update. If you are on the stable channel, all should be fine in this regard.

Independent of the device you are using …

Make sure to not fill up the phone’s storage to the max.

If you are using an SD card in the phone, to avoid speed issues and possible serious storage trouble (including data loss) make sure to use it as external/portable storage, don’t incorporate it into Internal Storage.