Oneplus6t Shutting down

Hey everyone. It has been a long journey to get to this point and I am hoping someone can help me figure out an issue I am having.

So I followed all the instructions and got /e/ installed on my oneplus6t and it works great. Until… I disconnect the usb from the Windows PC. Then the phone almost instantly does a auto shutdown and says that there is a data issue and I should do a factory reset.

I did the wipe / reset and it doesn’t do anything.

Any ideas on what this might be? I am running [] which seems to be the latest version for the 6t

I’m just spit-balling here since I don’t see any responces. I know the A/B partition on the 6t is a bit frustrating, especially when I was rooting my phone initially, I had issues with the phone choosing a different side of the partition to boot from. Which caused a boot loop until I was able to get it into recovery. My guess is that your phones drive was mounted wonky while it was connected to your PC.

I’m no power user when it comes to fixing that kind of issue, but I did a partition delete I found after a google search and some digging on XDA forums. Wish I could be more help. I am loving this OS on my 6t.

I appreciate the info. I never wait around for responses when I post on forums and did just like you did and went digging into the XDA forums for help.

I don’t really recall how I installed the OS the first time. I started over from the beginning. Learned about the A/B partitions. I also found someone talking about a 7pro having a similar issue and they found that when installing the os to remove the the connection to the computer.

I got the phone working after the second install. Right when it first installed it gave me the wipe the phone message error I was having before. Once I did the wipe it started working perfectly. I have been using it as my daily driver for about a week now and I do love the OS.

On a side note, when you wake the phone up to see the lock screen, does it take the phone a second to adjust the picture to the screen? Mine turns on with a smaller picture hugging the bottom left then pops to the full size. Just curious.