Online account of GNOME desktop linux not syncing

I just done a fresh install of Debian 11 (Sid branch) using the GNOME desktop on 3.43 version.
I was previusly on Debian 11 Stable which is on GNOME 3.38.

On 3.38, everything worked at first but then worked but with troubles since the ecloud.globale goes to I update my login URL switching from to and everything goes back to normal.
On the 3.43 in the other hand, it’s not working (in fact not everything work). I can log, with bot URL or, but contacts and agendas not syncing at all. I can acces files with DAV in the browser files but that’s it. Even my murena mail box is not available to sync…
I post here but i don’t know if it’s a GNOME trouble or a nextcloud frmo Murena trouble.
ANyone experiencing the same ?

I’m on sid with gnome 3.43 and new contacts created in gnome-contacts get synced and changes back-synced too - remote is not murena, but a v24.0.6 nextcloud

I know there’s a Nextcloud running in background behind the
I can’t even try to create new contact or anything because the CALDav or CARDav are not there at all.
Agenda or Contact only show me local acces. But in the online account section in GNOME settings, it shows me i’m connected to my nextcloud in I can selecte which part i want to sync to (Contact, Calendar, Files)
And i have acces to files, i don’t understand why contacts and agendas doesn’t show up …
So, you don’t have any troubles with the pretty same configuration obviusly, i don’t understand what i am missing !

see activity of the last few days at Change ownCloud/Nextcloud base path to /remote.php/dav/ (#67) · Issues · GNOME / gnome-online-accounts · GitLab → and issues 109 / 149.

I haven’t the time to dig into why I don’t feel affected. Accesslogs to the /carddav/ and /caldav/ endpoints from evolution data-server don’t show errors (my own nc instance)

REPORT /remote.php/caldav/calendars/tcecyk/app-generated--deck--board-1/ HTTP/2.0" 207 6403 "-" "Evolution/3.46.1" % 1.227 TLSv1.3
PROPFIND /remote.php/carddav/addressbooks/tcecyk/contacts/ HTTP/2.0" 207 380 "-" "Evolution/3.46.1" % 2.228 TLSv1.3

Maybe it’s on account creation when you changed domains?

I don’t think so. I have the same issue with the upgrade to Fedora 37/Gnome 43. Earlier today on Gnome 42, I had no issues. Anyone any ideas?

Sorry for being late in response for all of you. i was far from home with no time to check the forum. Anyway, i found out it’s a GNOME related problems with GOA (GNOME Online Account) service, it’s not murena side or Nextcloud. I just can talk for Debian, but someone i talked with who’s more technical than me came up with the idea of a problem in version of some files used by GOA and not yet updated in the distro. I supposed it’ll be fixed in time by an update eventually.
i’ve try syncing in Evolution for exemple and it work, but you need to do it agenda by agend (not usefull for me, i managed many agendas …)

Same problem on fedora 37.
I think that it’s related to this issue : Cannot sync with Nextcloud when username is an email address (#921) · Issues · GNOME / gnome-calendar · GitLab