Open software but wich apps?

I can not find the right open source apps.
Wheater ( i have now openwheater)
and a launcher i dont like the blis launcher.

A good calender app whyt sync for exhance including.

Memby i am on the rong place whyt you e😔
I mean it not rong.

Pffff iam sursing but its hard to find whats the raid thing to do.
Somtimes i whish that i head my simpely windows phone back😪.

Ho cant help my whit the right apps.
So that i can find peace en and rest.

I Dont whont spend much time on my smartphone anymore.
But i whant no more apps on my phone that maby good works and later not more good working.:smirk:

So e./ what must i do ? or meaby i must leave you.

Regain your privacy! Adopt /e/ the unGoogled mobile OS and online servicesphone

Sorry but I only understand 20℅ of your post,
You can try openlauncher from f-droid as blisslauncher replacement.

Give Omega Launcher (Your powerful libre launcher with a lot of smart features.) - a try.

If your exchange calendar is cloud hosted, or if the host has the feature enabled you should be able to publish it as a .ics/web calendar. Then you can use ICSX5 to synchronize it with the default calendar app in /e/OS.

I do this with my work calendar.

perhaps this will help:

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