Open source and intuitive maps app alternatives

I have installed from F-droid the app “Maps” (just Maps). Looks like it’s the official app “” I used before but reworked to be without trackers and Apache 2.0 license.

Do you use another app than “Magic Earth” ?


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Other than Magic Earth, there is “Osmand ~”. It’s free and free in F-Droid, but not intuitive and a lot of settings.


See the issues list for the source of the f-droid version if you’re thinking of using it. Unfortunately it hasn’t been updated for a long time, and so you have to jump through hoops with downloaded maps to make it work because of churn in the source.

Thanks loveshack :slight_smile:
I had a problem when starting the app because “WorldCoasts_obsolete.mwm” was missing.
I used an old one from here:

The app worked after that and all maps were from 2019/12.

It’s sad that nobody could take back the dev…

There is a simple one called Pocketmaps.

Thanks :slight_smile: I didn’t know this one


I’m just begining to test Navit, with last debug version (v0.5.4.apk). No one else, here ?

I tried Navit a few years ago, AFAIR on a Gingerbread device (Android 2.3 or so).
It didn’t work or I was too new to Android so that I didn’t understand it ;–).
I then switched to OsmAnd~ and that’s perfect for me.

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