OpenLauncher crashes when updating


I have a Samsung Galaxy S9 Exynos with latest /e/ OS on it, and I have a recurrent notification saying there’s an update available for my OpenLauncher application.
When I click on the notification it launches the “Apps” application and the update process starts by downloading the update for the OpenLauncher app.
But once that’s done, the Apps app crashes, leaving OpenLauncher app un-updated.
So I have again a notification saying there’s an update for OpenLaucher and if I click on it and start the process, the Apps app crashes again. It’s pretty annoying.

I’ve also done the following:
_ I stop OpenLauncher
_ I run the native Bliss launcher instead
_ I run the Apps app again and start the update process
That is failing too.

Any solution to suggest please?

Thank you very much,

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Couple of questions.
What’s the version of the currently installed OpenLauncher?
From where did you install your current version ( /e/ Apps, Aurora Store, F-Droid, etc.)?

Thanks for taking time to answer me @marcdw
The currently installed OpenLauncher version is 0.5.8(alpha).
Not sure where I had it from to be honest: either Apps, Aurora Store or F-Droid but I don’t remember unfortunately.

Oh my. That version can be considered prehistoric in Android years. It’s from 2017 and thus pre-/e/ Apps store and whatever its source is.

Failure to install could be due to signature mismatch.
Best bet is to uninstall OpenLauncher and install 0.7.4 fresh from whichever source you prefer.

IF you have a setup that you want to preserve, IF 0.5.8 has a settings backup function, and IF there have been no major changes to its database structure/format, you could backup the settings first. See if the settings restore and work in 0.7.4.

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Thanks @marcdw

I really don’t know why I had this old version installed.
I followed your advice and installed the latest one.
Thanks for that!

By the way: when I launch Apps and tap on Updates, there’s one app appearing I don’t want to update anymore as the latest version is just horrible, so I want to stick with the previous one.

Is there a way to not have this app showing up in the Updates list anymore?

Thanks again,

I didn’t pay attention that Apps was set to automatically update apps, so the app I didn’t want to be updated HAS been updated.
As I didn’t want that version of the app I uninstalled it and tried to install an older version of it, by running the appropriate .apk file found on F-droid.
But then, when doing so, I have a message saying “Package installer. This is a package installer. What action would you like to perform?” I choose “install”.
And then I have a message saying “No App found to open this file” …

What is it due to?
Why can’t I open this installation package?

It is strange because it worked previously! I’v been able to install it previously so why it doesn’t work now?? It doesn’t make sense.

I need your help.

Thank you so much in advance for your help,

Finally I’ve been able to solve my issue.
I downloaded the apk package again, and once download was finished I’ve been prompted to install the app.
But I’m still looking for a way to not have this app showing up again the “Updates” list on Apps.

Thanks anyway.

Sadly, /e/ Apps doesn’t have a blacklist or ignore updates feature. I don’t use Apps anyway so it’s not a problem but I believe such a feature may have been requested at its GitLab.

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Thanks for the help @marcdw