OpenRunner doesn't function properly (maps?)

Hello all!

I’m using e/OS 1.8.1 on my OnePlus 5T.

I can open the application OpenRunner, go on different screens but:

  • it doesn’t locate me
  • it doesn’t work when I try to open a visualization with maps in it

For example, if I try to open one of my course (or path, I don’t know the word they use in English), I’ve got a loading icon, but then nothing. Then I go on another app and then go back to openrunner, it has opened the course’s visualization, but nothing there works.

I read on another old old oooold topic that some apps had problem working without Gmaps, and I wonder if it could be related (but it was when e/OS was on its 0.17 version ^^)

Has anyone encountered the same problem and do you have a workaround ?


Have you been running this app previously ?

The app details (source Google) include

You need to create a free account and to log on to the site.

But the app has 3 trackers (source Exodus) including Facebook.

I Suspect this is much more of a privacy issue than #gps.

As an alternative, the app OpenTracks is much more privacy focused – be sure to look first for the Open Source version, there are now a number of similar named apps.

the location stack gets currently rewritten in microG, also for pedestrians there was an update in 1.10 or 1.11 before the rewrite for map drawing. Update in any case from your 1.8 and check if upcoming 1.12 has a current microg, then retry OpenRunner

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