OpeNyx: When Secure Hardware Meets Secure Software

A secured and hardened phone that respects your privacy.
Sounds good to me but suspect as with /e/ the devil will be in the detail. Love the specifications! :heart_eyes:
Though I can afford to buy it I believe that here are cheaper routes to the same end. Perhaps Archie can tell us how? :wink:

This phone would fit in nicely with my Trisquel HP Laptop and my favourite Tails+Tor USB portable drive for security and privacy. :kissing_heart:
How ironic that a google branded phone is considered as the most secure – sent me into panic mode – gripped by fear and then a cold sweat. Hope the concept does not scare you too? :ghost:


This is great, but $700 price is high. New pixel 3a is $279 on @mazon, and 200-279 for used on swappa. Around 400+ for install is very high.

Even G00gle can do good. No fear! :smiley:


Hey all: I have not touched the post above top since creating this Topic; yet ALL can see that my post has once again been altered (edited by @manoj) without contact or notice let alone detailing what he has altered again or why. This is not the first time, as other community members have previously pointed out these underhand, discourteous bad manners. :slightly_frowning_face:
Any community member or outside viewer can make a guess to what has been edited and why – just follow my posts! The clue is in the topic title and category placement. :wink:


Hi @troika I am glad that you found my post as I did not post my topic here under this category.

Love it - Love it :ok_hand:

I totally agree with you about apparent cost of installation though I would have to dig a little deeper to find if the phones they are selling are new or refurbished.
I would also point out to our community that this is not just a straight forward GrapheneOS five minute flash, bash and lock boot; some additional tweaking regarding what apps they have installed and their Data Privacy and Security implications have been thought through and implemented.
Yes I agree still pricey but I found to my cost as I have posted before many times “bought very expensive 273,56€ price paid for the phone way above market price is okay if the difference is used to install the OS and also help the journey.” This expensive eS7 Samsung was so disappointing for me personally that I returned it for a refund. :disappointed_relieved:
Thank you for the “where to buy” tips but I do not buy anything from Amazon due to tax and their staff treatment issues. I have no need of insecure apps either and resist registering for anything but sincerely appreciate you pricing the phones for me – thanks again.
Tails+Tor is free to use LIVE via USB-DVD - Tor browser is set up nicely by OpeNyx out of the box; ready to go and other stuff is directed through the Tor network – cool.
What cost Data Privacy and Security…? :thinking:


Tor browser and orbot are EZ/PZ installs and setups with f-droid.

Even e FP3 updates take 15-20 minutes.

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The $700 USD offer from OpeNyx is pure usury. The cowboys from Colorado Springs, near the Rocky Mountains, seem to have lost their horses.

In the G°°gle Store the pixel 3a™ is sold for € 399,00 Euro, on ebay Germany by a commercial company,. a big German Elektronic Store, for a brand new € 299,00 Euro with legal EU warranty.

I’ve been dealing with the device and its hardened Android without G°°gle for a few weeks now.

But what really occupies me is the presumed editing not by the author. I find this extremely hard to believe!


What solid evidence is there for this conjecture?

Hey @archje Yes as I said “pricey” but also proposed the question “What cost Data Privacy and Security…?” You may call this outfit cowboys but as you know I wasted a shed-load of money, time and effort on eS7 refurbished Samsung. Thanks to you and others from this community I am hopefully a little bit wiser than of March this year??? Still feel like I am out of step with this app crazy world – does anybody read the small print? Yet I have no trouble at all with FSF approved gnulinuxOS laptop or any of the installed or extra apps! So Archie et All perhaps you can understand why I think it should be just as simple and easy to get a secure privacy phone like the OpeNyx. My scrapped WinVista laptop has cost nothing to install Trisquel and for the cost of a cheap USB drive I have very secure Tails+Tor for live use on any computer anywhere.
Thanks so much for your pricing – this is better than I have seen in UK so far and with EU guarantee – cool – way to go; 299 Euro = about £265 as I am getting outbid for used at near £200 on Ebay.
Was hoping you could tell us how to get to “same as OpeNyx” - is it as simple as @adduser suggests by adding Tor stuff from f-droid?
As you like to talk about USA cowboys may I continue in the same humorous mode?

So tempting to shoot from the hip and quip – what solid evidence is there for the conjecture on e’s front page? But I will not as you and I already know the answer to this – six bullets vs empty chamber. To answer your question I suggest we head on over to the Shoot Out At The OK portal down Yewtube Way where we can witness the Data Privacy and Security gun-slinger Techlore play out eOS v GrapheneOS. This Techlore guy is well trusted 4.9 out of 5 such that eFoundation gave him a pre-installed eOS Samsung S8 to test and review. As you are the Samsung Guru you should be well placed to comment on this back to back shoot out by this respected expert. He is not alone on this – Chris Titus Tech for instance among many. Hey – simple installation, updates and boot lock.
So I defer to the experts here as I do with Snowden and security issues – trust this is OK with you?
I do tend to do a bit of research before posting. @adduser the experts say the installation is simple and takes no more than ten minutes – I trust this is agreeable for you? Send pm and I will give you the links if need be.
ps @archje Will post separately on your Edit question as my posts are hidden or removed almost on a daily basis these days. Was it two or three over past two days – I don’t bother counting any more!
Sorry that I missed your Pixel post – all the best - Andy

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All: Samsung Guru stands for:
Awarded for helping users with questions about Samsung devices

That’s why I’m neither an all-knowing nor a know-it-all.

And I don’t feel obliged to comment on anyone or anything. By the way: Samsung Galaxy S8 with /e/ OS 9-pie ROM is one of my favourite toys.

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“same as OpeNyx”
Yes, it’s easy, at least not hard. With a bit of patience and some perseverance, any normal user can do it. But I needed more teit than ‘adduser’. And that’s not really important.

openyx gos gosorbot

Orbot - Tor Browser - F-Droid

Orbot in the F-Droid Store is outdated, Tor Browser isn’t available in F-Droid Store. That’s why I’ve downloaded Orbot and Tor Browser about other serious prostals.Also #Briar and Signal as FOSS App called Langis: “Signal without Google Play Services support”.

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And to tell me and the community about the Guardian Project you registered here in the forum? Very friendly, thanks! I’m looking forward to your next constructive contributions.


Hey @archje re Guru status award may I wholeheartedly agree with the status conferred and offer my congratulations - well done and well deserved. :trophy:

Hey, me neither; guess we are blessed or cursed with the ability to do a little independent research, recognize and question when we are given false information and defer to rated, recognized experts as appropriate. :thinking:

Me neither but so glad you have accepted my invitation to join this discussion. It is a matter of record and respect that you have stood up and be counted against admin and others for Open Discussion with the goal of improvement for not only /e/ foundation but for the good of all - highly recommended. Trust that you abhor information censorship too by hiding posts or removing them completely?
As hoped; you have come up with the goods regarding tweaking GrapheneOS into a OpeNyx clone and confirming that it is easy enough for a pensioner like me to handle - great - just need a Pixel.
ps perhaps translation error but did not understand the word tiet or its context.

Well, such a typo doesn’t only paas me at a late hour. I also discovered it tomorrow. But even as an author I didn’t want to make any changes to the text.

The original word in German was called “Zeit” - English “time” - and then it became " tiet". Since the typing error is discussed now, I leave it as it is … for all eternity. Stay healthy.

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Hey @adduser - thanks for your post:-

Suppose you have found the Invidious Techlore GrapheneOS installation video by now? The entire video with the preamble at the start, all the explanations, warning about backups and the concluding summary is only 15mins in total…! :astonished:
I think there was a post about there being a team of 40 at /e/ including helpers so (if it is true) I expect you will join me in applauding Daniel Micay, founder of GrapheneOS as most web pages say it is a one man show! Incredible… :1st_place_medal:

Hello @Andy1, I’m currently installing “same as OpeNyx” a “OpeNyx clone” on a Galaxy S4 - GT-I9505 (jfltexx) with exchangeable battery. The base is this a minimal /e/ OS 9-Pie version without preinstalled microG. Compared to a pixel 3 it is an absolute cheap variant.

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Gosh @archje wish I had your expertise and confidence - that is so cool.
Reluctant - very, very reluctant to mention m****G word but from what I have watched and read - Chris Titus Tech - for example, that mG is not essential or required for install - at least not on a Pixel.
Suppose S4 was next Samsung release after my current S3-mini - nice to still have replacement battery in this throw away society. Fell in love with your Tor graphics as I am as you know a huge fan of Tails+Tor. Talking of which I must drop out for now as @johndoe has given us all such an exciting addition to research and read. Have you seen the heavy hitters in their Press Releases - wow.! Need Tails+Tor live for New York Times web pages. Talk later hopefully - ps thanks for typo explanation guess pps can’t see John’s post as I am typing and scrolling - hope he hasn’t fallen victim to censorship too?

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The experiment works. All mentioned apps are installed. Of course a pixel 3 works much faster. Interchangeable battery for Samsung Galaxy S4 (GT-I9505) - 2600mAh (EB-B600BE)

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I don’t think anything has been changed in the content of your post? At least I cannot see any changes. Manoj always assigns categories, it’s standard practise, he does it for my posts too.

Thanks @Rik for clearing that. Assigning tags and moving to the correct category is one of the jobs admins do on any forums. On and average day there would be at least 10-20 posts where this is done.

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Yes, the one or other contribution of mine has already been moved by the admin to another category. Of it I was informed however always with your extra message, as far as I remember.

Yes @archje that is so; but as you can see below the repeated open duplicity is self evident and when you complain to the very top with hard evidence the silence is staggering…

:see_no_evil: :hear_no_evil: :speak_no_evil: Taken from link below:-

Shall we just “move on” as they say as I hardly take any notice these days? The tactics are well known and trust “The Truth Will Out.” Fanboys take note.
Sorry for mentioning John Doe - I have apologised - it should have read @john.dough - the mystery poster! Why would anyone register just to like 5 of my posts at once - but thank you John and the other mystery likes from members who do not seem to post? The silent majority? To be polite and show good manners - sincere thanks to ALL :ok_hand:
ps did John.dough remove his excellent Guardian Project post himself as I noticed it just evaporated?