Options for Samsung Galaxy S4 SCH-R970 jfltespr

Hi Forum, I have used /e/ on a Nexus 5 and a Pixel. Now I would like to put it on a Samsung Galaxy S4 model SCH-R970 aka jfltespr. However, there is only an unofficial build available for this, and I did not find any discussion about it. I’d appreciate a little feedback on evaluating my alternatives, which seem to be these: (1) try the unofficial /e/ build (2) learn how to make my own build (and my level of proficiency is that I can follow instructions but don’t really know what I’m doing) (3) go with Lineage and try to de-google it following steps listed in a reddit post you can find by searching “How to deGoogle LineageOS in 2019”, which may be out of date, or (4) go with the MicroG build, which may also need to be de-googled along the same lines, but seems at least a couple steps closer to being like /e/. Comments?

Regarding unofficial builds, is there any concern that they might contain malicious code? Assuming that the unofficial build is safe and functional, how would one get updates?

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