Organize app icons on the screen


How do I move app icons easily in the screen? They seem to auto-position from top to bottom. So when I move an app icon to the next page but want it in the middle left, for example, it forces to put in the top, next to the last one. Doesn’t allow to choose any “free position” in the screen.
Does anyone know?
Thank you

That’s right. You can’t arrange them as you want. Use a better launcher like Zim launcher, Open Launcher or my personal favorite TotalLauncher. With TotaLauncher there is nothing you can’t customize :slight_smile:

I first tried Zim Launcher because I prefer to install from F-Droid but it has 1 tracker :frowning: 26cat.ereza.customactivityoncrash

From f-droid? is a ‘good’ one. An open source tracker for bug reports I think

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It’s was so easy to change launcher. I’ve never tried before.
Pretty like riding a bicycle for the first time but without falling.
Thank you. I think I’ll keep with this one.

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