OS update will not install automatically

Hi, I am a new user of E OS on Galaxy Note 2 N7100. Yesterday I downloaded the new version 0.9-2020062660259 but when I click on Install and OK nothing really happens. It gives me the message about compatible recovery etc. So what exactly am I supposed to do to get this update working please? Obviously without losing all the system settings etc.

Thank you for your suggestions.

Hi, welcome in the community :slight_smile:

Is it your first OTA update ? Or have you successfully OTA updated your phone before ? If you are new there is more chance to have a “Yes and no” as answer.

An option would be to go into TWRP and install the new .zip file (like for the first time). That’s how I update my phone. Of course don’t wipe anything, just install the system.

From which location have you downloaded ? The only available rom for n7100 is a custom rom which I have build weeks ago with a different name.

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Oh, it’s official. Cool. But nit pie :frowning:

OK so basically I should reboot using that volume up + power + home recovery mode right? The problem is: where is that ZIP file in my phone? It was downloaded through System updates option… So it will not delete system settings etc. right? Thank you.

Take a look at this howto :

Great! That worked. I am now on the new build. Thank you everyone so much.