Padloc back to App Store?

Hello community,
before Padloc was updated last year, it was available in the /e/ App Store. Now after the update it is no longer available. Are there plans to put it back on? Who can be contacted to get this app back on?
Cheers and thanks for your replies.

/e/AppStore is still a work in progress. At this point in time you are better to use F-Droid and Aurora Store*. In Aurora you will find this Padloc app. (Aurora Store can be installed from F-droid)
*use anonymous login.

Thanks for your reply. Though I downloaded the Aurora app but was not able to connect anonymously to the store, as others on the Internet reported as well.
I will try and keep an eye on the store anyway.
Thanks again. :wink:

Aurora app store from /e/AppStore is outdated and wont work, only use from F-droid or Aurora Telegram channel here - V3.2.0 is the latest version. Also you cant be block google to this app with anyway firewalls etc otherwise it wont work.

Well, after several attempts, the Aurora app finally downloaded and padloc is running. Thanks a lot. :hugs:

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