Pasting contacts from gmail

I’m brand new to \e (installed just tonight)
I loose all my contact that are in Gmail contact.
I’m wondering if it exist a way to transfer from gmail contact to my phone (passing through

Thank you


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You can check the topics here

fantastic. Done!
And now, can I have on my phone (\e) this contact?


If you have an /e/ email ID …add it to your account
Settings >> Users & accounts >> Add account
here add the /e/ ID if not already done
Give it a few minutes and it should appear in the Contacts app…
Normally when a phone is setup during the process it asks for the Account to be setup. If you provide the /e/ ID details then also contact app is configured


…add it to your account
Settings >> Users & accounts >> Add account
where do I have to add account?

Yes, I already have an account and I’ve configured on my Mac (still not on my phone. In fact, how can I do it?)

Hi, I’ve created a New contact. I can see it in my ecloud,global (section contact) how can I import as contact on my phone?
Iin my phone, in Account, I have my account (I also have an account on < WQ and another in CQ> how can I import gmail contact (that I’ve already exported as vcf?
And how this contact could became the contact of my phone?

Thank you

Renato Pontefice

Are you able to see these imported contacts in ecloud ? If yes and if you have connected your /e/ account on your phone these contacts should show up in the Contact app.