Paylib and smartphone contactless payment

Hello all,

My banking applications are working perfectly fine on my /e/ Galaxy S9 phone.
Lately I’ve been trying to catch up with my friends with the smartphone contactless payment feature.
So I was attempting to activate “Paylib” service from the banking application.
The service cannot be activated on the phone side even though I did make sure that NFC is “on”.

Is there any feedback from the community on using Paylib ? Is there anything that I missed ?

If the Paylib service cannot be activated on /e/ because of absence of Google Services, is there a workaround or another way to make contactless payments with an /e/ smartphone in a store ?



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I have the same question and want to use the Curve service which is compatible with GooglePay, ApplePay and SamsungPay. Do you know if an equivalent, but free system exists (I confess my ignorance in the functioning of these systems). There is also PayLib effectively and LyfPay. Any ideas to get access to contactless payment with /e/?