PayPal upgraded, now not working

Hi everyone, if I’m posting on the wrong site I do apologise and kindly ask the admins to forward my query to the right place, thanks :blush:
I recently opened PayPal and it asked me to update because the version I had ( 8.12.3) is too old.
So I updated and now it doesn’t start. Anyone having the same issue? I recently upgraded to /e/OS 1.4 and hoped the PayPal issue was fixed but it hasn’t yet (no complain intended!) Any help will be appreciated, thanks!

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I upgraded to /e/OS 1.4 and last Paypal.
I just tried to connect, no problem.

Hope you’l find a solution. Regards.

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Thanks for your reply, I’ll give it a try again. May I ask what device you’ve got?

Today I reinstalled PayPal but it still doesn’t seem to work. I emptied the cache and even all personal data but it still won’t even start. Xiaomi Redmi note 9 and /e/OS 1.4. Any help will be much appreciated :blush:

Follow ManuelS instructions here (8th post) to install an earlier version.

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Thanks for the tip. Unfortunatelly that version is already too old and as soon as I open it it ask to make an upgrade to the newest version.

As per ManuelS post further down you can find previous versions easily on Apkpure (see pic).

Greetings everyone, so I have tried every PayPal version 27 to 14 and everything in between and none of them work on my phone. Guess I’ll have to do PP over the browser until a solution is there.

I see you are using Xiaomi Redmi note 9. Have you asked in a Xiaomi sub forum if anyone else has this issue?

I actually haven’t but that’s an excellent idea, thanks very much, will check :+1::blush: