Phone app stops every time it's started

I’ve installed the latest build of /e/ (as of 11/11/18) on a Nexus 5. All is working well, except that the phone app will not start. It stops during startup and “keeps stopping” thereafter. I’ve tried multiple reboots and verified that the sim card is working. I’ve logged a bug but thought I’d mention it here in case there was a known fix or workaround. Otherwise, /e/ is very slick!

Sorry, I just realized that I shouldn’t have posted this topic here.

Moving topic to user support category assuming you need help on that problem.

Did you try the procedure proposed in our bug tracker ?

Hi Frank,

Thanks - yes, I tried those but they didn’t work. Next I’m going to try a different service provider. I’ve already got a call in with my current provider, but they’ve never heard of Ting. They’re really helpful though, so hopefully we can figure out where the issue lies.