Phone call history clear howto

There is an issue on Samsung Galaxy S8 with /e/ dreamlte version 0.14-p2021012999011: In the phone application I cannot clear the call history. This option seems to have disappeared from the menu. It was available in /e/ dreamlte version 0.9-p-2020061058046.
Has someone any idea about that ?

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FYI: Confirming I have an S9+ eOS (Q) and just checked for you and also do NOT have the option to clear all calls from history, anywhere I could find, so not just you.

Also here on S8 I cannot find the option

BTW, how can I copy/paste the eOS version ?

Good news : I found it ! Its just hidden in Call History page , it appears when you swipe the finger on the top right corner of the screen !
Thanks all for your contributions !

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