Phone no longer unlocks after entering CORRECT pin

Last night before I went to bed I checked some messages and all was normal.

This morning I wake-up and when I entered the pin to unlock my phone it states that my pin is incorrect. It is the same pin I use for the last year. I never changed it. I tried it a few times. Then rebooted the phone if that help to no result. It no longer recognize my pin.

I am quite desperate on regaining access to my phone. As I changed countries I no longer have access to these Signal and Telegram accounts witch require an SMS message to gain access.

What can cause this and what can I do about this to troubleshoot the matter?

Was the phone on charge? The same thing happened to me, I disconnected the charger and logged in OK.

this is new to me, but apparently lots of people run into this. Could be a bug in theft-protection