Phone randomly hangs up or stops music


Since I installed e/OS/ on my Google Pixel 5, I have experienced weird behaviour related to sound/phone calls/music. Changing between bluetooth headset, phone speaker and loudspeaker during calls, and also maintaining correct sound output after the call ends has been iffy, but it’s hard to pinpoint exactly what’s going wrong.

Something very concrete though is that calls sometimes randomly hang up. Can be after 30 seconds or an hour, totally unpredictable. Happens somewhat irregularly, but on average every other day to a few times a week depending on how much I use the phone, but I’ve also had a streak where it happened >5 times in a row, only got to say a few words in each call, eventually resorted to WhatsApp.

Perhaps I would have suspected my carrier for this, if it hadn’t been for the other related odd behaviour: sometimes when I listen to music in an offline music app, it just stops. And I don’t mean just pausing, but the song goes back to the start, if I press play it starts over again. Happens as well in the native music app Eleven as in any third-party music app I’ve tried. So, I thought the action of pausing/stopping and hanging up a call are somewhat related, maybe the root of both of these problems are the same? Whatever it may be.

Now, before anyone asks: No, I have never experienced these problems with the stock ROM before on this phone; No, it has nothing to do with the battery level, happens as well when it’s fully charged as when it’s not; No, it has nothing to do with bad reception, happens as well in the city centre as anywhere else; No, I have not rooted the phone or installed any apps from outside of the App Lounge.

Would really appreciate some help on this. It’s especially very disturbing when you’re in an important call, or have been waiting in a phone queue for over an hour, and it just hangs up. Never know either if it was the other person who hung up, or just my phone.

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