Phone sending + installation service

Hi there, I think I read somewhere that the phone sending service is going to be launched soon?
By the way, I bought a second hand one, tried to install /e/ (got stucked in bootloop) and then bricked it (the Xiaomi bunny appears all the time in the screen). I would like to know if it would be possible to send it to you in that state so you can install /e/ on it.

thanks in advance!

Hi @graz the ‘Smatphone-mail-in’ service is yet to start. Will update once I have an ETA. On your phone if the bunny is showing up there is still hope :slight_smile: You can flash the latest stock ROM via MiFlash to revive it. Do not downgrade the OS that is come down from Pie to Oreo as it can have un expected results.

You have to download MIUI from the MIUI website and flash it with MiFlashing Tool as @Manoj said to recover your phone…
There is very special methods to change OS on Xiaomi’s phone cause Xiaomi don’t want us to leave MIUI. Xiaomi locked the bootloader (if you’ve bricked your device I suppose you’ve unlocked it) but there’s also a special boot partition which prevent to boot on other OS than MIUI (phone will restart if modified OS is detected so flashing/e/ will result in infinite restarts) in newer versions, if you’ve upgraded MIUI recently there is chances that the locked boot partition is installed and you’ll need to flash a patched boot.img in order to allow installation of /e/.

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I bought it unlocked (second hand)

That is exactly what happened to me, thanks for explaining

Thanks. The problem is that I don’t know what a patched boot.img is or where to find it, as I’m quite new at this, and I don’t have as much time as some months ago to dedicate to research and try an error. I succesfully installed /e/ in a very old Nexus 5 and everything went smoothly, that’s why I tried it with Xiaomi but I didn’t know it was going to be so many difficulties with this brand and now I’m kind of stucked. Therefore, it would be great if I could send the phone just the way it is now (stucked in the bunny) directly to the /e/ team so they can do all these steps you both mention and install /e/. I hope this could be possible in the future.

Hi @graz pl can you let us know what is the phone model?

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Yes, its Xiaomi Mi 6 (sagit)

I finally got it sorted, not using MiFlash tool but installing the Fastboot ROM directly on the “stucked in bunny” phone using Terminal in Mac, and now it has MIUI 9. I think I won’t risk it again and leave the /e/ installation for the ones who know better and got me a S7 with /e/ preinstalled…:sweat_smile:

edit: or, better, a Fairphone 3 with /e/ preinstalled wink wink