Phone to Buy for /e/?

It would be really useful to have an automatic, yet optional feature like this on eOS !

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I’ve been using a Samsung Galaxy 7 SM-G930F/W for a year now and has been working great to say the least, just for my input and I think I only paid $130 for the device.

With root, you can use ACCA.

Works pretty well, though not perfectly. I mostly use it for overnight so it doesn’t sit and charge from 99-100 all night.

My night settings keep it between 20-80, my daytime 40-85 (more important during day to have charge, so I trade some wear).


Which was a big lie, the Galaxy S5 is waterproof, has removable battery and removable SD. It feels like it’s the last high end phone like that.


Batteries for the Oneplus 7 pro are available from oneplus themselves. Their website says $11 + tax.

Link pls @rurmonas ??

Where? I can’t find them.