Photo sync not working right now?

My photos haven’t sync’ed in a few days - is there an issue currently?

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For me the same. Photo’s don’t sync anymore. I tried deleting my account and making it again. I have an old account and not

It is working for me again. I don’t know what the problem was.

Same here as of today - but there is definitely a gap where anything from the last 6 days did not sync. Are any of you seeing the same thing too?

Sometimes it takes days. Even if you do a manual sinc.
Alsof confusing that there is a photos and a pictures directory.

I’ve noticed that different apps will default save to different folders, also when you take screenshots, etc.

somethings it just stops working and doesn’t sync for days?!?! So that makes it’s 100% useless!

SOOOO FRUSTRATING!!! If I drop this shit-doesnt-fucking-work-shit for something else…does anythign fucking work?!

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NextCloud sync client app (from F-Droid) works fine. easy tgo configure to auto-upload pictures from your phone if that’s what you want to do

Sure, but why can’t murenacloud just…work? It doesn’t work reliably, so it should not be advertised as a feature IMHO.

I don’t even use /e/ anymore and couldn’t be happier with more reliable solutions that don’t need NextCloud band-aids.

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