Pictures in Media Folder Don't Appear in Timeline

I have pictures people have texted me that I’ve saved to the Media folder, but they don’t show up in the timeline view of the Gallery app. Is there a setting I can change to have them appear there?

I’m using both the stock /e/OS Message and Gallery apps.

Curious, what/where is a Media folder?

Do they show on an album view ?

Yes, the pictures can be accessed through the album view.

The media folder was created by the Message app when I saved the pictures from it. I’m not sure where it’s located on the device.

As a guess perhaps Message app strips time + date info from the images?

Files app includes a search feature; I did find /Android/media/ but I have no images there.

After looking at the properties of one of the images in the Media folder I found that it’s located in /Message/Media.

Texting images does seem to strip date + time info, but the images have it added back in once you save them to your device. The date + time listed is when the file was saved to the device. This means they should theoretically be able to show up in timeline view, using the date + time I saved them.

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